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The Internet is a very important, powerful, and dynamic information medium. In this fast-paced modern era of information broadcasting, the importance of the Internet is increasing. In the present era, no person, country, or society will be left untouched by this wonderful system of information technology. Therefore, everyone’s dependence on it is increasing rapidly.

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a network of smaller networks. It is a global network that interconnects small networks. With the help of that, We get information and communication facility.

It’s main parts are –

The main parts of the Internet are – main information computer, telephone, modem, LAN or WAN, satellite communication, and cable network. Tunnels are called for viewing and gathering information from the Internet. The work of surfing in it, but the work of making software to put information on it, is difficult. Additionally, there are three levels of affiliation on the Internet. At the first level, the consumer can only see the information on it. The consumer becomes a partial part of the Internet and can also create his own web site on the Second level. At the third level, it becomes the main part of the Internet system.

Evaluation of its services

The person or system that provides Internet services is called Internet Service Provider (ISP). In India, there was only one ISP named VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited). After that many governments and private Sector companies started providing these services.

Presently many government and non-government companies like BSNL, MTNL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Communication, Sify, Hathaway, Reliance Communication, Jio Telecom, etc. Providing Internet services in India. Due to market competition, its rates have come down significantly compared to the previous, due to which its availability has reached the common people.

In order to maintain standards and avoid any kind of chaos, an organization has been formed by the Government of India to monitor and regulate all the ISPs named as National Internet Exchange of India. It is mandatory for all the ISPs operating in India to be registered under it.

Advantages of the Internet:

Many facilities such as electronic mail, electronic commerce, net surfing, and web infrastructure can be availed from the Internet. In the present and future time, electronic commerce will be the most important part of this information technology. Similarly, you will see around you, people use this for everything from small items to ration. Nowadays Internet programs are in great demand and many young men and women have started making software and other useful programs for many multi-national companies. Work is being started in the field of science, business, and education through this. Due to which the unemployment in society is decreasing.

Through this, people will now be able to work from home, that is, there is no need to go to the office. As a result, time and money will be saved and productivity will also increase. It has many uses in big countries like India and America. Together with, this information and data can be obtained about many topics like industry, technology, education, politics, business, sports, health, religion, yoga, architecture, management, information technology, etc.

In addition, the latest applications of the Internet, you have often heard about cloud computing, IoT, big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, telepresence, etc.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

We also have many losses from the Internet. Doing more on this is more likely to cause health-related disorders. Viruses, Trojans, malware, such as viruses have also come into it since January 1, 2000, which can destroy our computer system and corrupt the data and information. Some young girls and children watch programs on the Internet that are not good for them. Due to which time and values ​​fall. Its increasing use cannot be stopped but we need to make the younger generation aware of old values ​​so that those people are not confused.

Doing business with it is still full of some risks as it has been reduced considerably by encryption systems.


Currently, many newspapers, magazines, All news and entertainment channels have their own websites on the Internet. Departments of all state and central governments put all their required information on their official websites so that they are available to all. Overall, the present age is of the Internet and the speed with which development has been done in this area cannot be seen anywhere else. Although there are many shortcomings in this, there is a strong possibility of getting great benefits from this for all human beings.

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