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Hey there, Welcome to blogger byte. Hope all is good. Technology is a key factor today. I just got the latest 5G phone. yeah, 5G Technology. OK, that’s a lie. No, I didn’t. Because 5G Technology is not a thing – yet. G stands for generation and every generation is supposed to be separated by a drastic increase in speed, mainly being 1000 times faster than the previous G.

First there was 1G. Imagine an old school, the 1980s, Wall Street. These phones, as barbaric and rudimentary as they were, still worked. Poorly, but they worked. Wireless phone calls were now a thing, with transfer speeds of 2.0 kilobits per second. And at the time, that was the most incredible thing you’d ever experience. Man, was life tough in the 80s? Low bar. But you arguably didn’t see anything resembling a modern phone until the early 1990s when 2G became a thing. 1000 times faster than previous phones, 2G phones now included features like texting, email, web browsing, a camera phone, and download speeds of up to 100kilobits per second. None of those things was any good by today’s standards, but they existed, and that’s something. I mean you could send the poorest quality picture to your friends.

How exciting was that? Remember? A decade-is later came 3G, another 1000 times faster than 2G with two megabits per second and usable web browsing. This is where the iPhone grabbed the world by the SIM card because this is where the G’s truly started to matter. Blurry pictures and extremely slowly sent emails were nothing compared to the capabilities of 3G. You could watch high-quality YouTube videos of 3G and have them play back relatively seamlessly. You could browse the web comfortably instead of wanting to gouge your eyes out with a Spork, because of how slowly pages used to load.

Then things got interesting. 4G came along, and it should have been the coolest thing since sliced bread. 1000 times faster than the best thing around sounds pretty incredible. Too much to handle almost. But the rules were changed and this generation upgrade wasn’t true 4G by the old standards. It was more like a 3G plus. Instead of being a 1000 times upgrade, it was only 100 times faster than 3G. By the time true 4G came around, it was dubbed 4G Long term evolution; or as you probably know it better LTE. Why? Because everybody knows if you add extra letters and numbers to something nobody understands, it’ll make them think it’s smarter and better because it’s new. 4G got 5 to 12 megabits per second, and that’s what led to a real opportunity for video consumption on platforms like YouTube and new TV streaming services. It’s what you probably have in your phone right now, and sure it’s buggy at times, and slow but it’s also incredible and the cutting edge of technology for what we have right now.

So what’s next? What’s the thing that’s going to get jazzed for your next phone? It’s called 5G. 5G can enable download speeds of 1 gigabyte to three point five gigabytes per second. In content consumption terms, that means you could download an 8 gigabyte HD movie in 6 seconds. Six. Seconds. That’s faster than you can pirate an HD movie over Wi-Fi. Of course, it’s going to be a long and tough road until we get there. Setting up the infrastructure to make it possible, and getting the new world to adapt. The beginnings of 5G are already taking place. AT& T ran 5G tests late last year in Texas and by the end of this year, seven out of the ten biggest cities in Britain are going to be a testing ground for Vodafone’s 5G. Nationwide 5G coverage is still a few years away. But we’re getting closer than ever, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to experience the future of cellular data transfer.

How does it work?

Technology is constantly developing. The evolution of the mobile network from 1G to 4G happened in front of our eyes. Today, people want to be connected all the time, everywhere. They rely on wireless technology more than ever. That is why even 4G networks are no longer sufficient to meet all the needs related to mobile Internet users worldwide. The future lies in 5G. 5G is the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity. We can benefit from 5G in various ways, such as smart home devices, driverless cars, and smart city applications. It offers higher-quality video calls on mobile devices and fast streaming with immediate transfer and a capacity to carry huge amounts of data. 5G transfers and analyses data in real-time, which can be used to help people become happier and healthier. 5G is also perfect for communication between devices that form the Internet of Things. Comarch’s advanced OSS solutions enable 5G networks to be built, planned, and provisioned. Our Intelligent Assurance & Analytics with machine learning algorithms helps telecoms manage their 5G network experience and service quality proactively. With this infrastructure and software, we are heading towards smarter and more connected times.

Features of 5G –

What are the benefits of 5G, we only know that it should be faster than 4G So what’s so special about 5G, and what exactly can help us? In this blog, let’s talk about the features of 5G. What’s great about 5G is High-speed & large-capacity, low-latency, a large number of connected devices In short, faster, bigger, more simply, 5G is faster than 4G The first feature: high speed and large capacity First let’s talk about high speed and large capacity Very simple, that is, a large file is downloaded quickly, By the way, a person Downloads a 108-Minute HD Movie, it took 3 seconds And 4G is not over yet.

we let 4G continue to download until 2020 If you want to know more about the speed of 5G Technology, Of course, you can also read my other technology blogs to understand mobile generations.

If you ask me, technology is needed today. But it is like a race, which probably has no end. If any gadget becomes a month or a year old, then we feel that we are probably lagging behind. Writing this blog, I am now thinking of writing about 6G technologies. Because maybe 5G technology will also be outdated soon.

I believe you must have liked this blog of mine. Do give me your feedback in the comments section. Will share thoughts with you soon with any other interesting blog. See you next time.

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